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Motorsport UK is the national membership organisation and governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK, representing competitors, volunteers, clubs and fans.

As a member focused organisation we embrace a diverse community that includes 700 affiliated motor clubs, 30,000 competition licence holders, 10,000 volunteer marshals, 4,000 officials and a legion of passionate motorsport spectators and fans. We issue over 5,000 event permits every year providing everyone with the opportunity to get close to the action. Motorsport UK is a not-for-profit organisation (limited by guarantee) that exists to service and grow the sport.

We are a founding member of the world governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

In the UK there is a huge variety of Motorsport, from top-level GT racing in exotic marques like Ferrari and Aston Martin through to racing in your every day road car in a StreetCar event. Beyond being a competitors there are a number of different ways to getting involved in real-world motorsport for example marshal, steward or organiser. In this section we will show you how real-world Motorsport might be more achievable than you first thought.


'Motorsport in your everyday road car'

In 2022 StreetCar was launched to encourage more people to get behind the wheel and enjoy the sport; overturning the age-old perception that it is out of reach for most people.

StreetCar, showcases the existing vibrant grassroots motorsport scene, and demonstrate that the sport is affordable, fun and accessible whilst acting as the enabler to drive participation in the club community.

A wide range of low-cost ‘grassroots’ disciplines are available for new and existing members of the community, comprising 12 StreetCar disciplines that provide a wide variety of format and challenge.

Segmented into

Autotest, Trials & Cross Country and Rally, the disciplines are:

  • Autotest, AutoSOLO and Production Car Autotest

  • Trials and untimed Cross Country events

  • Rally including Touring Assemblies, Treasure Hunts, Navigational Scatter, Navigational Rally, Road and Historic Rally, 12 Car Rally and Targa Rally

All 12 disciplines can be participated in with a standard unmodified road car without special safety kit and to drive only a free Motorsport UK RS Clubman licence is required.

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