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Welcome to the Motorsport UK Esports Hub, providing value, insight and benefits to new and experienced drivers.

The Hub provides an environment to nurture the esports industry in its current form by adding credibility, professionalism and promotion of the sport.

Motorsport UK does not and will not govern sim racing or any form of racing esports, however we will bring the expertise and knowledge that we have from governing real-world motorsport to implement various aspects of this to improve the sim racing/esports offering. New drivers will be able to start their esports journey via the Motorsport UK Esports Hub by building an understanding across the industry, including what equipment to use and where to race. Established racers will receive a unique experience and receive added value to their existing racing experience through the member benefits and communities.

Throughout the website there is information on what games can be played on what platform, what equipment might be most suitable based on the system you use and your budget. You will also be able to find established communities and companies who are recommended by Motorsport UK as safe spaces to engage with and compete in esports. These communities offer a range of services, from hosting leagues and events through to offering car setups and driver coaching.

There are two levels of membership:
Free - sign up and gain access to all information across this website and receive a digital membership card

Paid - pay £24.99 for an annual membership unlocking all of the member benefits. These include a range of unique offers such as, discounts on equipment, setups, coaching, along with allowing early access to Motorsport UK community events and much more. 

Visit the 'Membership' page to find out more. 

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